Charities Other Than Hospice.

While our main passion is hospice and hospice is the reason we started Swipe for a Cause, we understand there are people who want to support other charities. As we enter into new regions, we will be looking for ways to give back. What we value is helping, so as we grow the opportunities to open up into various charities is a goal. However, focusing in on one charity in each region is the best way we can have an immediate effect, until EVERYONE is swiping for a cause, something we pray will happen one day!

If you are interested in starting a Swipe For a Cause for your area, please contact us, we can assist you in getting it set-up. If you are a mid-size or large business, we can start a new cause on your behalf.

It is an effortless way to give. Best of all, no donations will come from out-of-pocket. They all come from the fees you are already paying for processing on your account…and those fees will remain the same as you are paying right now or even go down.

If you are a 501©3 or a business who would like to give more to a charity or charitable iniative you now support, please contact us for more information.