Clover Mini by Swipe for a Cause

Clover by First Data

Clover® Mini

Clover® Mini is an exciting new technology that can either be a smaller but powerful version of the Clover Station, or it can be used as powerful terminal for less cost. This little guy can do it all:

  • Tap-to-Pay
  • EMV
  • Swipe
  • Built-in Printer
  • Sign-on-Screen
  • and it can be used as full POS with access to the Clover App Market!


Want Clover Mini and save money on your credit card processing fees!

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At Swipe for a Cause, you can purchase a Clover and save money on your fees. And, don't forget... raise funds for hospice as well! Click "Get Started" for a free proposal for your business now!

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