Merchant Cash Advance

Published 01/06/2017

Need Cash... quick?

Did you know that as Swipe for a Cause merchant you receive a cash advance on your credit card sales through First Data?  All it requires is filling out a one-page application and you can receive the funds in 3-5 days. 

Is it right for you?


  • No fixed term
  • No fixed payment amount
  • No personal guarantee
  • No collateral
  • Get an answer and funded much faster than a loan
  • An alternative option if your business does not meet bank loan criteria


  • Costs more than a typical bank loan

Download Brochure for More Information

Download the brochure to learn more. 

Download Brochure  

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The Gift of A Better Merchant Processor in 2017.

Published 12/20/2016

There is less than one week left until the holiday.  We at Swipe for a Cause have spent much of the season trying to get people to shop local by educating them to the benefits.  For instance, if that new smart TV out-smarts you while you are setting it up, who is going to help you  --  Gary, the owner of Flint Audio Video in Middletown and South County or the guy working at Walmart for the holiday season?   

There is also a great benefit for local merchants who get their business services from local companies, i.e. merchant processing. 

Swipe for a Cause is one of RI's only merchant processors.  We are also an Independent Sales office (ISO) of First Data, just like most of the big banks and national processing companies.  So we can offer everything they can.   

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Swipe 2016

Published 12/01/2016

2016 has been a record year for Swipe for a Cause! Swipe continues to grow making 2016 Swipe's biggest year yet! Since inception, Swipe has raised about $80,000 for charity and due to our fundraising model these charities can expect a reliable income stream every month.

In 2010 Andy Kinnecom had the idea to provide merchants a valuable business service rather than ask for donations. 6 years later, Swipe for a Cause has become one of Rhode Island's leading credit card processors, offering top customer service, the latest technology, and fair-honest pricing. Swipe has grown to processing over $250M annually, all through grassroots efforts. This model has not only raised money for charity, we estimate that we have saved our merchants over $2M in processing costs. That is $2M remaining in the hands of small business owners. 

Chamber of Commerce: How to Make them Work for You

Published 11/21/2016

At Swipe for a Cause we are big on Chambers of Commerce. We owe them a lot for our success and for that we want to say Thank you!

Throughout the country are groups of businesses that represent the community with the goal of energizing the local economy. The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives ( estimates that there are over 13,000 Chambers in the United States. For people to work, there has to be jobs-for there to be jobs, there has to be business-for your community to attract businesses, there has to be a welcoming environment to encourage commerce and entrepreneurship. So that means if you are business operating in a community that has a Chamber of Commerce, they want you to succeed. In this brutally competitive world, isn't it nice to have a friend? 

Sometimes we hear that people don't get a lot out of chamber membership. This often comes as a surprise to us. We’ll ask what networking events they went to and what meetings did they attended? 9 times out of 10 they joined, but then didn’t participate. This is such a loss. The Chambers we belong to offer all sorts of ways to meet potential clients. There are very few weeks that go by that someone from Swipe for a Cause doesn’t attend at least one Chamber networking event. These events allow our sales force to get to know potential clients…and for potential clients to get to know Swipe for a Cause…in a casual atmosphere as opposed to the formal, ultra-structured feel of many networking venues-which are also great but for different reasons. Since many of the businesses we currently process for are Chamber members as well, Chamber networking events give us one more way to connect with them. Seeing a merchant outside their place of business is a great way to converse casually about what we are doing right and if there are ways we could be serving them better. Swipe for a Cause’s great success and growth over the years is proof that Chambers of Commerce work…that is if you participate in what they have to offer.    

So here are some tips on getting the most out of your local Chamber of Commerce:

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Daylight Savings Time

Published 11/03/2016

Daylight Savings Time is coming! Make sure your credit card terminal is ready. Sometimes terminals auto-update when plugged into the internet, but don't rely on it, it is best to check. If you auto-batch than a terminal with the wrong time can be a pain. It may batch after the cutoff time or it may batch when you have a line out the door. Best Practice: Check the time first thing Sunday or Monday morning when you arrive. If the time is wrong, Click Here for instructions on updating it.

Changing Date/Time

Published 11/03/2016

To change the Date/Time on your credit card terminal, please follow the steps for the appropriate make/model below...

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RI Credit Card Processing

Published 10/31/2016

Rhode Island has such a small, unique economy. One of the great benefits of this small, unique economy is the ability to combine old-fashioned personal service with the power of the latest in technology. The payment industry is undergoing massive change and Rhode Islanders need to stay ahead of the curve. That is where Swipe for a Cause can help. Need credit card processing integrated with your point-of-sale system, credit card processing plugged into your shopping cart, or just a credit card terminal sitting on your counter? Swipe for a Cause can do all these and more. Every credit card processor out there is going to tell you how they can save you money, which we can certainly do at Swipe for a Cause, but no other credit card processor in Rhode Island can provide both the technology and customer service that we do here at Swipe.