Swipe 2016

Published 12/01/2016

Swipe Grows!2016 has been a record year for Swipe for a Cause! Swipe continues to grow making 2016 Swipe's biggest year yet! Since inception, Swipe has raised about $80,000 for charity and due to our fundraising model these charities can expect a reliable income stream every month.

In 2010 Andy Kinnecom had the idea to provide merchants a valuable business service rather than ask for donations. 6 years later, Swipe for a Cause has become one of Rhode Island's leading credit card processors, offering top customer service, the latest technology, and fair-honest pricing. Swipe has grown to processing over $250M annually, all through grassroots efforts. This model has not only raised money for charity, we estimate that we have saved our merchants over $2M in processing costs. That is $2M remaining in the hands of small business owners. 

Point of Sale TechnologyAs the payments industry changes, so does Swipe for a Cause. Management software and e-commerce is growing and Swipe is the expert in new technology. Swipe for a Cause integrates with many point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and has gateways that can integrate with apps or websites that you design yourself.  Other companies push flat "simple-to-understand" rates that are always simplified to their advantage, Swipe exclusively offers the most transparent and cost-effective pricing model "interchange-plus". We also love educating people how pricing works, so that they understand they're in good hands. At Swipe for a Cause you know what your paying, you know you have a person to call when you need someone, and you know that your money is going to support a small business and charity. If you are a merchant, THANK YOU, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. If you aren't, let us help-we have already helped so many and will work hard for your business.Get Started