The Gift of A Better Merchant Processor in 2017.

Published 12/20/2016

RI Merchant ServicesThere is less than one week left until the holiday.  We at Swipe for a Cause have spent much of the season trying to get people to shop local by educating them to the benefits.  For instance, if that new smart TV out-smarts you while you are setting it up, who is going to help you  --  Gary, the owner of Flint Audio Video in Middletown and South County or the guy working at Walmart for the holiday season?   

There is also a great benefit for local merchants who get their business services from local companies, i.e. merchant processing. 

Swipe for a Cause is one of RI's only merchant processors.  We are also an Independent Sales office (ISO) of First Data, just like most of the big banks and national processing companies.  So we can offer everything they can.   

There are differences however.  We can offer lower rates because our overhead is lower.  Plus, our call center consists of a list of all our officers' and agents' cell phone numbers.  So unless you like high rates and being on hold with customer service, there is absolutely no down side to switching. Get StartedWe also keep up on all the payment industry's offerings.  Recently a merchant came to us for advice about a new POS system.  We introduced her to Danny over at ShopKeep and she couldn't be happier. Try getting a national processor to help you with something like that. 

From all of us at Swipe for a Cause, have a very, very happy holiday.   We hope to talk to you early in 2017!



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