Welcome to the Swipe for a Cause Mall Grocery and Liquor Store. 

Below you will find a wonderful selection of food and drink for every occasion.  Never has giving to charity been so much fun.

Anthonys Seafood

Aquidneck Liquors

Aquidneck Meat & Provisions

Bellevue Wine and Spirits 

Campus Fine Wines

Crystal Spring Water

Ferreira’s Package Store

Fifth Ward Liquor

Green Grocer

Harry’s Liquor Store

Holy Cow Ice Cream

Imondi Egg 

Jennifer's Chocolates



Munroe Dairy

New England Grass Fed

O’Neil’s Package Store

Patsy's Package Store

Quaker Lane Wine and Spirits

Samantha's Seafood

Shelalara Vineyards

Spring Street Spirits

Vickers Liquors

Wickford Liquors

Wyoming Package Store