Welcome to the Medical Office Wing of the

Swipe for a Cause Shopping Mall.

The following doctors/dentists/medical suppliers/assisted living centers Swipe for Hospice.  It seems like anyone related to the medical profession would want to do this, but they don't.  Please reward the ones that do by clicking on the link below and using their services when necessary.


Aesthetic Dentistry of Wickford

Aesthetic Dental Studio of RI

Aquidneck Chiropractic

Atria, FSP Willistown, PA

Atria, Landings of Poughkeepsie, NY

Brennan Orthodontics

Claflin Medical Equipment

Dr. Robert Carrellas

Dr. Elissa Contillo

Dr. Lisa DeGiulio

Joseph Ducharme MD

Eastern Pond Chiropractic

East Bay Surgery Center

Eye Care for Rhode Island

Constitution Surgery Centers

Connecticut Surgery Ctr. East

Ferry Orthodontics

Handel Center 

Hope Health Palliative Care

Island Dental Health

Dr. Misty Kosciusko

Greater Springfield Surgery Ct.

Lyme Center of NE

Middlesex Surgery Center

Nephrology Associates

Newport Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Newport Family Footcare

North Scituate Family Eye Care

Donald Ocasso, DMD

Orthopedic Assoc. Surgery Ctr.

Portsmouth Dental Associates

Quality Behavioral Health, Inc.

Walter Roettinger MD

Sakonnet Chiropractic

Dr. Walter Sepe, DDS

Dr. John Solomon Jr., D.O.

South County Orthopedics 

Dr. Leonard Taddei, DMD

William Tsiaras, MD 

King To, MD

University Surgical Associates

West Bay Ortho and Neurosurgery