RI Credit Card Processing and Fundraising

We Redirect fees to Charity.

Andy and Diana Check

Hope Hospice   We donate 5% of our gross income to Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island and, for our out-of-state merchants, we support other causes as well.  


We Lower Your Rates.

We don't charge more because we donate.  In fact, we save merchants money and those fees don't mysteriously creep up.  Ever.  They start out low and stay low.  All our merchants will attest to this.  


We Promote Your Giving.

We do free marketing to let consumers know who Swipes for a Cause.   Customers will frequent businesses where a portion of their sale is going to charity.  We've been told they even spend more to support the cause.


Why Our Merchants Are Loyal to Us.

Money  we never raise rates

We don't lower rates only to raise them when you process with us. We guarantee your discount rate and transaction fees will never increase during the term of our relationship. 

Handshake    services by the owners

Most processors make a sale and move on. We make a sale and "move in". You will have all four owners' cell phone numbers. Do you know how to reach the owner of your current processor?       

Binoculars  transparent pricing

With Cost Plus Pricing you know what you are paying. We even want you to know how to read your statement and will teach you how to do it. We have nothing to hide. 

Heart     sustainable giving

The customer doesn't give.  The merchant doesn't give. Swipe for a Cause does all the giving from our residual income stream.  Developing a form of sustainable giving is the sole reason we become processors.

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"I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do."

Andy heard this said to his 50-year old wife. Margaret heard it said to her magical Uncle George.

During their journeys, they saw a need to improve hospice in RI and the mission grew. To read more, please click HERE.